February 6, 2014 16

Holy shit 2013, you were awesome // A year of magic & connection

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Holy shit. Vulgarity called for. That year happened, and it happened with a vengeance. So much in one year, that here I am already in February trying to set down and look back. Of course, by vengeance, I mean spectacular, joyful magic.

What happened this year? Well, I got to hang out in Vegas, Palm Springs, the Salton Sea, Slab City, LA, Santa Cruz, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. I met utterly delightful people all along the way. But even better than all my travel adventures? Getting to connect with all sorts of dreamily rad people and collaborate on their oh-so-awesome weddings and portraits. These are people who put themselves in my hands, put their faith and trust in me, and brought me into their communities, setting a million sparks flying in a million directions. I am having an internal fight to the death of feeling  honored and humbled vs gleefully over the moon at getting to work with these truly wonderful folks on something that is so deeply meaningful and precious for them. The connections I have gained this year definitely go beyond clients, beyond acquaintances. These people I now tenderly refer to as friends, and I feel fortunate to have them in my lives.

It was also a year of frenzy. I can see you’re not surprised. I did SO much. I used the term ‘busy’ so frequently that I had to put a stop to it and reassign a new meaning—a heightened meaning—to the word busy. The people I care about have been so understanding about how much I have thrown myself into my business, going full time this year and working about twice as long hours as I ever did before. Thank you, you precious, precious friends. While I may have become a little antisocial this year, I would do it all again. It was all worth it.

I’m over a month delayed on posting this because for the life of me, I could just not bring myself to narrow this down. AND STILL, I CAN’T. Because this collection of moments randomly strung together ultimately expresses my overfilled heart. Thank you, friends, thank you. So here, I present you with the longest post I have ever created and longer than anyone in their right mind would create—far, far, far too many moments of joy, too much laughter, too much adventure, too much depth, too much wonder. An ode to 2013 in too many photographs, many of which have not yet been seen. May 2014 allow me to continue to bask in the magic of rad people and amazing places. Holy shit.

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January 14, 2014 11

9000 Ft Up in the Desert // Cassee & Alex’s Mountain Engagement

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These two hunks have stamina. 9000 ft above Palm Springs, we rode the tram to the top and then continued to hike into the wild and foresty nooks and crannies. Yes, that’s bouldering gear you see below. Armed with ample charm and a ferocious beard, Alex couldn’t wait to race up those boulders, effortlessly (and crazily!). Cassee was pleased to show us the very spot where Alex proposed to her—known as proposal rock (and seen below) it’s pretty tough to beat. This was a day of laughter, discovery, and much love. These lovelies will be married in just a few months and I can’t wait to share in the joy and wonder.

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November 13, 2013 4

Autumnal Day at the Orchard Engagement // Jeremy & Tamara

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These two. The cuteness is just too much. The giggles and then sweetness, and the multiple-foot height difference. When we headed to Julian for an autumnal apple-picking adventure, I know we’d have a lovely time, but I wasn’t quite aware of just how much these cuties would shine. We picked apples, we frolicked with furry freaky animals larger than ourselves, we explored Julian, and of course, we hit Mom’s for dessert. Here’s a lovely look at a lovely day for two lovely charmers. Their summer wedding is going to be just as sweet as pie.

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