On Demand cloud connectivity


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Under the 按需云 offering, connectivity is provided from data centres and enterprise locations into the public cloud.

Colt has enabled connectivity into 微软Azure ExpressRoute, both 亚马逊网络服务 Direct Connect service options (hosted connections and dedicated ports) and 谷歌云 Platform via the On Demand platform.

Customers can connect from all On Demand enabled locations (including all data centres and enterprise locations) to the public cloud.


The 按需云 service model, t在这里 are two cloud-specific service components – cloud ports and connections to cloud ports. cloud connections terminate on standard ports in data centres or enterprise locations.


The options are summarised in the below table.

Customers who wish to flex the bandwidth on their cloud circuit connections are advised to over-size the cloud port to enable bandwidth to be flexed up to this limit.

微软Azure 50 mbps-10gbps 双胞胎 自动化API交付
AWS 50 mbps-10gbps 自动化API交付
谷歌云 50 mbps-10gbps 自动化API交付
IBM Cloud 50 mbps-5gbps 自动化API交付
甲骨文云 Infrastructure 1 gbps-10gbps 自动化API交付
Dedicated ports (all CSPs) 1 gbps & 10 gbps 物理交叉连接


Once a cloud port has been provisioned, customers can request a new cloud connection between the A end port(s) and the cloud port. The below table summarises the bandwidth and resilience options.

微软Azure 10 mbps-10gbps 1+1 twin circuits by default 2个双电路封装 接近实时交付
AWS 10 mbps-10gbps 单一的电路 2 x电路 接近实时交付
谷歌云 10 mbps-10gbps 单一的电路 2 x电路 接近实时交付
IBM Cloud 10 mbps-5gbps 单一的电路 2 x电路 接近实时交付
甲骨文云 Infrastructure 10 mbps-10gbps 单一的电路 2 x电路 接近实时交付
Dedicated ports (all CSPs) 10 mbps的 & 10 gbps 单一的电路 2 x电路 接近实时交付

* With the exception of AWS ports in Europe (which are enabled via an AWS专用端口 function), all connectivity to dedicated ports can be provided via a standard DCNet service and a data centre cross connect.

It is important to note that Colt’s cloud OD offering is based on layer 2 以太网 connectivity, and that customers will need to establish layer 3 peering with the cloud providers.

This is illustrated below, using a London to Amsterdam ExpressRoute service as an example:

DCA Service - London to Amsterdam

云的港口 ordering journey

云的港口 provide a logical (or physical) end point that allow circuit connections to be routed into the public cloud.

The below table summarises the cloud journey. Please note that for 微软Azure, IBM Cloud and Oracle services, the customer selects the bandwidth and locations within the cloud provider portal.

微软Azure ExpressRoute 服务的关键 n/a n/a n/a
AWS AWS账号 从列表中选择 从列表中选择 50-10 gbps
上传贷款 1或10 gbps
谷歌云 配对键 从列表中选择 从列表中选择 50 mbps-10gbps
甲骨文云 Infrastructure 服务的关键 从列表中选择* 从列表中选择* 1 gbps-10gbps
IBM Cloud 直连服务密钥 n/a n/a n/a

For all Customers planning to select a flexible contract on a 按需云 service should select the 上限 of the bandwidth that they wish to flex to.

The supported bandwidth ranges for an On Demand cloud connection is based on the bandwidth of the cloud port. T在这里 are no restrictions on the circuit bandwidths supported on the B end customer port.

Azure港口 50 mbps-10gbps 10 mbps的 – 1 gbps (Azure港口s up to 1 gbps)
200Mbps – 2Gbps (2Gbps Azure港口)
500Mbps – 5Gbps (5Gbps Azure港口)
1 gbps – 10 gbps (10 gbps Azure港口)
AWS托管端口 50 mbps-10gbps 10 mbps-10gbps
AWS专用端口 1 gbps或10 gbps 10 mbps的-1 gbps (1 gbps AWS port)
1-10 gbps (10 gbps AWS port)
Google Partner Interconnect port 50 mbps-10gbps 10 mbps的 – 1 gbps (Google ports up to 1 gbps)
200Mbps – 2Gbps (2Gbps Google port)
500Mbps – 5Gbps (5Gbps Google port)
1 gbps – 10 gbps (10 gbps Google port)
Oracle FastConnect端口 1 gbps-10gbps 10 mbps的 – 1 gbps (1 gbps ports up to 1 gbps)
2Gbps-10 gbps (2Gbps-10 gbps Oracle port)
IBM Direct Link Connect port 50 mbps-5gbps 10 mbps的 – 1 gbps (IBM ports up to 1 gbps)
200Mbps – 2Gbps (2Gbps IBM port)
500Mbps – 5Gbps (5Gbps IBM port)