Colt wins at Global Carrier 奖

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安德鲁·爱迪生 Colt’s VP of 批发

上周是15th Annual Global Carrier 奖, Colt collected trophies in two categories; Best SDN/NFV Deployment and Best Cloud Innovation.

The awards were held at The O2 in London and brought together more than 400 C-level leaders from across the international carrier community to highlight and celebrate key innovations and developments in our industry.

The judges commended Colt for enabling more than 750 connections to the cloud – the largest number made by any company and they also recognised the collaboration between Colt and AT&T as very innovative and one that is going to have a huge impact on how the global carrier industry operates.

Winning these awards further highlights how Colt is not content with the way business has always been done – constantly striving to push our boundaries and also the wider 批发 sector further. 要做到这一点, we are using innovative technology both internally and externally to shift processes from being manual to automated. This is allowing our teams to release resources and move conversations from being purely tactical to strategic in order to tackle the problems of our customers’ customer – delivering more value and supporting organisations during their ongoing digital transformations.

The reach, flexibility and innovation of the Colt IQ Network also underpins our 批发 strategy. It facilitates Colt’s high bandwidth offerings such as 光谱 和SDN-enabled 对需求, allowing businesses to deploy bandwidth at scale and react to market demands across the globe. Colt will continue to invest in our infrastructure to drive it forward – just this week, it was announced that we have rolled out an extensive upgrade of the Colt IQ Network using Ciena’s market-leading 波Logic Ai technology. This latest upgrade will quadruple the capacity on Colt’s core optical network in preparation for the delivery of 400Gbps wavelength services and beyond.

Collaboration is also central to driving better processes in the 批发 area. A great example of this is Colt and AT&T’s innovative, and now award-winning, application of MEF’s LSO Sonata APIs, meaning that AT&T can now place automated orders for Colt’s 以太网 Services. This integration enables AT&T to validate site addresses, check service availability, 得到一个报价, and place automated orders on Colt’s network. This initial success is just the beginning, and both AT&T and Colt aim to on-board additional carriers and drive further adoption across the industry in the coming year.

Colt also partners with the key Cloud Service Providers in the industry, to ensure that we play a central role in the cloud networking ecosystem as more and more compute is shifted to the cloud.

It has been an excellent year for Colt and last night’s success at the Global Carrier 奖 is a testament to the company’s commitment to continually striving to better itself and the wider sector. It is an exciting time for the industry and Colt is ready to continue to drive an innovative, dynamic and collaborative 批发 market.


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